CIRCUS Magazine is a bold, bright, chaotic, stressful, sickly, loud, scrappy and stupid beauty publication that creates and celebrates the absurd. 

🤡 20 x A1 Posters
🤡 Offset Printing
🤡 Huge Vibes
🤡 Lots of Colour

Andrea Giacobbe, Anh Hoang, Bobby Doherty, Carole Methot, Charlotte Rutherford, Éamonn Freel & Lily Gabrielle, Erin Green, Henry Gorse, Jackson Bowley, James Hobson, Janina Zais, Lynski, Mary-Jane Gotidoc, Max Barnett & Grace Ellington, Michiyo Yangihara, Rory Mullen, Stephanie Francis-Shanahan, Tyler Cala, Yusuke Morioka.

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